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MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide for the rescue and care of purebred collies abandoned or turned into local animal shelters and/or veterinary hospitals.  We promote responsible dog ownership through educational events and literature.


* Collies are broadly classified by their coats (rough or smooth) and their colors.  As you will see below collies can vary a great deal in how they appear however all the collies discussed here are pure bred collies. What is important to remember is that whether you have the ability to adopt a Rough Coated Sable (Like Lassie) or a Smooth Coated Blue Merle they are both pure bred collies.  Their appearance will differ but all the wonderful things that you will learn about them below are common to all collies.

Because of Lassie Sables (pictured below) is what most picture when they hear the term collie.


Here we see a Smooth - Coated Collie - Some of you may think it’s just a Sable with a buzz cut, however that is incorrect.  Smooth Coated Collies will always have shorter length fur.

To summarize that Collies are identified by their coats (rough or smooth) and their colors. Regardless of whether they are Rough or Smooth, or any of the various colors that we are about to learn about, they are all pure bred collies. Systems based on coat and color were created to make it easier to identify and explain the diversity of this species. It is important to remember though that we are talking about one breed of dog, and as they are one breed their tendencies, and personality traits are the same.

Sable (Lassie makes Sables one of the most recognizable of all dog breeds)




Piebalds &


You can see them all by clicking on Collie Fan.

While Collies vary greatly in appearance their personality traits are very much the same.

*Collies are highly intelligent, gentile, & social.  They are patient and kind with children and adults alike making them ideal companions and family members.    It is vital to make sure your collie is active and social.  Collies are not dogs that can spend hours crated everyday. A caged and isolated Collie is one that will rapidly grow depressed. Depriving them of social interaction & love is like depriving them of food.  Collies are the perfect companion because they need to give just as much they need to receive. It is not inappropriate to refer to Lassie and imagine how hopeless she would have grown in a crate unable to play, protect, and love.  These wonderful dogs require active companionship.  A collie must be integrated as a vital member of a family/companionship. Your collie will return your love, loyalty and commitment with eager enthusiasm.  A bored, neglected collie will become depressed, their physical health will start to decline as well.  They require a full commitment.  These are things one must consider before setting out to adopt a collie.

* While their origins remain unknown we know that they functioned as herding dogs in Scotland and Northern England for many years.

* Collies were first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.

* The 23rd President of the United States of America Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893) owned a collie named Dash.  Harrison had many dogs but none more special than Dash who had his own private doghouse next to the White house.

ADOPT A COLLIE: Before filling out the adoption form, please keep in mind that we only service the Southeastern Pennsylvania area which

includes the following counties: Philadelphia, Montgomery,

Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and parts of Berks, Lehigh, & Northampton.  If you live in Berks, Lehigh & Northampton contact us to see if you are in our coverage area.  If you are outside our range we will refer you to a collie rescue who can assist you.

Phone: 1-215-793-9298  P.O. Box 493, Ambler, PA 19002  Email:   info@collierescueofsepa.com

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Get ready for the Collie Rescue site you always hoped for.  To begin with we are pleased to announce that we now have collierescueofsepa.org back up and running.  Now regardless of whether you end collierescueofsepa in .com, .net, or .org you will end up in the right place.  The website will be regularly updated and fully interactive.  We have some new and fun features coming very shortly like collies of the board.  You will be able to access old and new Collie Rescue newsletters here.  It’s an exciting time, be sure to keep checking in!